Saturday 1st Feb

Damian will be taking orders for dog food and equipment etc at classes. we can normaly beat the price you currently pay for food, or at least price match. Another incentive is we can deliver locally free, or you cancollect at class. Please ask for more details.


9 and 10 am puppy classes are at the scout hut.

11.30 on     park on my cark park please

12.30 on    park facing ned yates please

1.30 on      park on my car park please

2.30 on      park facing ned yates or on my car park please.

Any new people coming;  please do not park outside my field or  outside immediate neighbours houses please. thanks for your cooperation.


Saturday 25th Jan 2014

we will be going to the wholesalers on Monday, so are taking orders for dog food or any other pet supplies you may need. it will be delivered next week, or you can collect at class. please speak to Damian if you need a price.


9 and 10 puppy classes are at the scout hut.




2.30  are all on. bring toys treats and long lines if necessary. please try and park on my car park not in front of my neighbours. thanks

Saturday 18 th January 2014

Just to inform everyone, we are now supplying all dog foods, treats, toys and equipment. As well as any other pet supplies. This can be delivered locally free of charge, or collected at classes each week. please speak to Damian to register interest. We can price match pet shops and in most cases, if not better. Orders can be placed each week at classes or by email.

9 and 10 puppy classes are at the scout hut.

11.30 on

12.30 on

1.30 on

2,30 on.

Make sure you have toys treats and appropriate other equipment (ie long line or head collar if necessary) any dogs showing inappropriate behaviours may be asked to attend one to one sessons if Damian feels it is in the owners, or groups best interest.

Saturday 11 Jan classes

<9 And 10 am puppy classe are inside at the scout hut 11.30 Gold on 12.30 silver on 1.30 beginners/bronze/gundogs on 2.30 puppy follow on class on please dont double park in front of my place, the neighbours cant get the horse wagons down. you must try to park on my little car park near te stables. if no space. on the road opposite ned yates garden centre where it is wider. thanks

Launch of new site today at Digital next.

Ive been in to Digital next today to launch new site.  really happy with it. Thanks to Justin, Mark , Adam and all the staff for an great service.