thurs 31st july 2014

1.30 class on at moor lane

2.45 class on


6.30 puppy class on at scout hut 100 a Altrincham rd

7.30 puppy class on at Altrincham rd also.     dont forget toy,treats and to bring dog on a normal lead not an extendable one please


sat 26th july 2014

Sharon Harding from hi bird photography is here all day today taking new pictures for my website. clients are welcome to take advantage of her being here and have a few pics of their dog if they wish? Sharon will give you an idea of prices but they start at £5 so not expensive.

we also have Elaine Morgan selling refreshments in aid of Cinnamon trust  here. they are a charity that supports people that are sick or in hospital, with care or temporary homes for their beloved pets.

9 and 10 puppy classes at moor lane.

11.30 on

12.30 on(beginners)

1.30 gundogs only on.

thurs july 24th 2014

all classes are on today at moor lane


1.30 class on

2.45 class on

please try to park on my car park not on the road if you can. 7.30 class please wait till the 6.30 group leave.

6.30 on

7.30 on

this saturday i have a top kennel club dog photographer Sharon Harding taking pictures of dogs at classes for my website. you are welcome to bring your dog for a 5 minute session if you wish. you can view her pics online after and choose any you may wish to purchase. they only start at £5 so well worth taking advantage  of while she is here. its hard to get someone experianced at taking dog photos and capturing the dogs expresson properly. she will be here from 9 till 2.30 please let me know if you wish to bring your dog. you dont have to be coming to a class.  thanks


sat 19 th july

9 and 10 am puppy classes are at the scout hut.

11.30 advanced class on at moor lane

12.30 beginners/intermidiate on at moor lane

1.30 gundog class on

Dont forget folks that next saturday top kennel club dog photographer Sharon Harding will be at classes all day taking pictures for my website. you wil be able to buy pictures of your dog if you wish direct from her. prices start from £5. no pressure of course, but a fantastic opportunity to have some professional pics taken from someone who really knows how to capture dogs expressions properly if you wish.  clients or friends of clients with dogs can also pop over for 5 minutes for a few shots even if they are not attending or coming to class that day. i just need to know for slots so everyone doesnt come at the same time.

Thursday 17th July

All classes on today at Moor Lane

sat 12 july

all classes on today at moor lane.

thurs 10 july

1.30 beginners on

2.45 advanced on

6.30 puppy class on

7.30 puppy class on

please give me you dog food or equipment orders at class if you need anything. im going to the wholesalers tommorow so can get you discounted food on most things. i recommend and supply applaws natural foods

sat july 5th

9 and 10 puppy classes are at Moor lane today. bring wellies!

11.30 advanced class on

12.30 beginners/intermidiate on

1.30 gundog class on


i have a supply of Applaws natural dog food in stock that i feed my dogs also. i recommend this food as it has no cereals or grains in it. please ask for a sample if you wish to try.

also sat 26th july i have top kenel club dog photographer Sharon Harding coming to take pictures all day at classes. Sharon is superb at dog photography and does many top working dog events. you can have photos of your dog taken that start from £5 if you wish to purchase any. please let Damian know if you are interested or any family or frends might be. you dont have to come to classes to come along on the day for a snap, but i need a rough idea for numbers. thanks

thurs 3 rd July

1.30 beginners class on

2.30 advanced class on

6.30 puppy class at moor lane today

7.30 class as above


i supply and recommend Applaws natural food for your dog. please ask me if you wish to purchase any or for a sample.