All classes 24 March to 8 th april

I’m away so any questions please ring cal who is taking them. 07896 705227

assume  classes are on. If you not sure on location for sat morning pup class ring cal

sat mornings 9 and 10 on

11.30 advanced on

12.45 intermimidiatte on

2 pm beginners on

all dogs must be on normal leads not extendable. Owners must bring poo bags, treats and toy

if any dogs are reactive they must be on long lines and muzzled if we have discussed this.

Please be considerate parking. Ideally on my car park off road or facing Jaques landscapes.

Sat 19 March 2016

All classes on at moor lane today. Please try and park off the road in my little car park

or on the wide bit of the road facing jaques landscapes. No parking permitted on narrow bit of road outside my neighbours as trucks can’t pass. 10 am class might have to wait in car till earlier class pulls out.

field is quite dry but bring appropriate footwear and clothes

11.30 advanced on

12.45 intemidiate on

2 pm beginners on

please bring treats and toys. No extendable leads please.

Sat 12 March 2016

9 and 10 puppy classes at the scout hut on altrincham rd.

Turn down the gravel track at the side of number 100. Bring treats and a toy

11.30 advanced on at moor lane

12.45 intermidiate on

2 pm beginners on

Sat 5 March 2016

9 and 10 pup clssses are at the scout hut this morning

11.30 advanced on

12.45 intermidiate on

2 pm beginners on

the bottom fields are very wet, so we will be going up to the top ones. But do bring wellies

and water proof clothing.