Sat 1 October 2016

9 and 10 puppy classes are at the scout hut this week

turn down the track at side of 100 altrincham rd. follow path to scout hut

 probs ring cal 07896 705227

11.30 will be combined intermidiate  And advanced this week

1 pm beginners.

If you are unsure ring or text cal on number above to check

if you require any natural instinct raw food. Please ask cal. Price list is on freezer.

24 sept 2016

9 and 10 puppy classes at moor lane.

11.30 advanced on

12.45 intermediate on

2 beginners on

natural Instinct complete raw diet on sale here. Please ask for info on the product range.

Thurs 22 sept

both classes are indoors tonight. Turn down the gravel track at the side of 100 altrincham rd. It’s just past the crossing at the lights facing Buckingham rd. The track will lead you down to the scout hut car park

Sat 17 sept 2016

Natural instinct complete raw diet is now in stock at my field. I believe this is miles better than dry food In terms of health benefits as it contains no cereal or grain or Maize and is not processed. Great for dogs with food intolerances or skin issues as well as loose stools. All mine have been on it for a while. You can buy small quantities too if you want. For info look at their website or ask for an info leaflet. i will also stock natural bones and chews for you to look at if you want after class. Full range here. Turkey chicken tripe salmon and well as a puppy range

9 and 10 both at moor lane.

11.30 advanced

12.45 intermediate

2 beginners.

Thursday 15 sept 2016

both classes will be at the field again like last week. It’s dark for later class. But unfortunately there has been a leak at the scout hut and the floor is up

plesee text me your name and that you have the message 07538790185


Sat 10 sept 2016

Both puppy classes will be at my field this morning. It’s 80 yards on the right past 219 moor lane. Wilmslow. Sk9 6dn. The 10  am group will need to wait till 9 am class pull out of my car park  PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD  OUTSIDE  use my car park next to my stables  don’t forget toys and treats and approximate footwear and clothing as its on a field

11.30 advanced on

12.45 intermediate on

2 beginners on

LAST 2 bags of Applaws dry food to clear £20


Thurs 8 sept 2016

Both classes will be outside at my field tonight

which is 80 yards on the right past 219 moor lane. Wilmslow. Sk9 6dn

please park at the side of my stables not on the road. The 7.30 class may need to wait in their cars untill 6.30 group pull out.

I have bags of Applaws natural puppy food for sale. Please ask for details.