Sat 29 oct

both morning puppy classes are at the scout hut today

turm down the gravel track at the side of number 100 altrincham rd. at the lights. It looks like you are driving down to a locked gate at the field, but the track leads

you to the scout hut car park. Ring me if you get stuck


11.30 advanced on

12.45 inter on

2 beginners on

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Sat 22 oct 2016

no morning pups. They start next week


advanced on

12.45 intermediate on

2 beginners on

Thursday 20 oct 2016

both classes will be indoors at the scout hut for this entire course.

100 a altrincham rd Wilmslow. Turn down the track at the side of number 100 (at the lights) and follow to scout hut car park. Bring treats and toy for the dog please each week

Sat 15 oct 2016

9 and 10 moor Lane. From next week onwards you are welcome to continue your  training at the beginners class at 2 pm if you wish. (Pay as you go)

11.30 advanced on

1 intermediate on

2.15 beginners on

Sat 8 oct

morning pups at moor lane.

11.30 adv on

12.45 inter on

2.15 beginners on

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