Sat 23 June 2018

Moor Lane again please for puppy class

Sat 30 sept

9 and 10 puppies at the scout hut today

please keep an eye on teamer for the rest of the day in case it’s cancelled.

I might also  combine last 2 classes to 2 pm ( novice and beginner)

all will be posted on here as well as teamer.

I have Deleted all the names of people not responding. You will need to be readded if you

wish to attend. But places are running out now and Numbers are restricted some weeks.

11.30 adv on

12.45 inter on

2 novice on

3.10 beginners on ( might move to earlier time of 2 pm depending on weather)

Thursday 14 Sep 2017

scout hut again please

Thursday 18 Aug

classes at moor lane tonight.

Bring gin and tonic!!

Sat 13 Aug 2016

10 beginners on

11.15 advanced on

12.30 intermidiate on

Sat 23 July 2016

10 beginners class on at moor lane

advanced class is 11.15 today please

12.30 intermediate class on


Sat 2 Jan 2016

All classes will resume next Saturday.

H you all had a wonderful Xmas and I wish you a happy new year.

Saturday 20th June 2015

9am and 10am – on at the Scout Hut

11.30am – No Class

12.45pm and 2pm – On at the Field

Thurs 9 april

1.30 and 2.45 classes not on today.

Eveving puppy classes at scout hut

thurs 2 Nd april

1.30 on

2.45 on