6 Week Puppy Course

(Please note, as this course will run into the Christmas period, there will be a break over Christmas and the course will resume in the New Year, details will be confirmed via the WhatsApp group that you will become a member of)

Starts at 10am and sessions last for 1 hour.

Dogs must wear a collar and lead. We don’t recommend harnesses for teaching correct lead behaviour. However if you have a specific reason or health issue they may be brought on a harness. No extendable Leads are allowed.

1st session held via zoom this is where we set up the scene for all your in-house basics and how we are going to teach you to get good control of your puppy using our 5 stage foundation program. The rest of the course is held outside at our training school in Wilmslow. However any weeks whereby the weather is so bad we can’t hold them outside we let people know via the WhatsApp group you are added to before the course starts. We also use this as a question and answer for him during your time on the course.

People will be required to bring appropriate footwear and its strictly one handler per dog. Spectators must be at a distance whereby it doesn’t distract the dog. You need to bring toys and treats along with you.

Refunds cannot be given within a week of the course. Dogs must not be booked in for neutering during the training course, we will advise people on the right timeframes for this during the course.

Handlers must be over 16. Dogs must be under 6 months old.