Dog Behavioural Consultations

Dog Behavioural Consultations

Behaviour consultations are offered for all issues. Damian is a full member of the Canine and Feline behaviour Association. This means he can work on referral from your vet, and clients can claim the fees back for the consultation.(providing this is covered on your policy)  Please check your policy with your insurer before ringing.With many years experience as a Guide Dog Trainer and Instructor and an entire lifetime of working with dogs.  Damian has dealt with all problems and has a superb track record in the field. He has worked on referral from vets in Cheshire and South Manchester since 2007.Problems covered include: Dog to dog aggression, Dog to people aggression, Seperation anxiety, Phobias, Copraphagia, Destructive behaviour, Excessive barking, House toileting issues. He guarantees honest and realistic advice for your situation.Following on from initial contact over the telephone or via email, Damian usually asks for a detailed account in an email of your dog’s history and issues. He will then decide on the amount of time needed, and which locations to use. Most behavioural consultations begin at the clients home, and assessments are done from there (but obviously using outside spaces and parks if required)Accurate  diagnosis of your dogs behaviour can be very difficult to achieve. It is for this reason,  that the consultation process usually requires that owners submit a background profile, so that we may gain a more complete picture of your dog’s circumstances. Vets may forward a referral form via the cfba website. The dogs clinical history is also useful to look at the entire picture.By doing this, the goal is to pinpoint your pet’s condition as accurately as possible so the correct  steps may be taken to modify your dog’s behaviour.Whether this involves taking the dog out into a public space in order to observe how it reacts with the various obstacles faced therein (confrontation with other animals etc.), or testing reactions to an array of other stimuli, all results are once again intended to aid as precise a diagnosis as possible.Time need and cost will depend on the issue.  Please ring for a quote.ALL CONSULTATIONS REQUIRE A DEPOSIT TO BOOK PLEASE.We encourage that close contact is maintained during the period immediately after consultation so that all progress may be monitored. Phone support is followed up as frequently as necessary.Areas frequently covered include. Wilmslow, Alderley Edge,  Hale, Bowdon,  Manchester, Altrincham, Sale , Stockport, Macclesfield, Congleton, Timperley, Handforth, Heald Green, Bramhall.  Although other areas will be included, please feel free to ring from other areas as can be flexible with traveling to new areas.



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