This will be a small group of 8 dogs and their handlers (one handler per dog – no spectators allowed for this course).

It will be a 6 week course, each lesson will be for 1hr long.

Your course instructors will be Damian Riley and Becky Tortely.

The course will cover the following:

  • Use of other training equipment and implementation of this, including the benefits and pros and cons in terms of training using different pieces of equipment.
  • Correct loose lead walking in and around distractions
  • Solid recall in and around distractions
  • A reliable ‘leave’ command
  • A solid ‘stay’
  • How to introduce new people and dogs to a reactive dog

The course is aimed at people that have had a behavioural consultation and already have some background knowledge on handling a reactive dog.

Will be looking to progress the dogs obedience in and around other distractions and maintaining a high level of obedience and focus in order to do this.

Clients will be expected to practice the techniques and advice taught during the sessions in order to maintain a progression of their dogs obedience and control.

All notifications on the venue each week will be sent via WhatsApp. We will also use this WhatsApp group as a Q&A forum for clients during the course. Please don’t post on here random messages or chats. The forum will be for the benefit of others for questions and answers only.

Any weeks the weather is going to be too wet we use an alternative venue (indoor barn) in Alderley edge. The address will be posted on the WhatsApp group as/when necessary.

This course is £120 for a 6 week course.