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Puppy Training

Our 6 week comprehensive puppy course covers all aspects of our key stage foundation program. It includes our introduction to all the core training skills needed for a well-behaved adult dog.

We also provide the following services

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Zoom (Pre-Puppy Purchase Zoom)

This is a 1hr zoom for owners that need guidance and reassurance that they have the correct information from the early stages of owning a puppy:

  • Choosing the right breeder
  • Collection of your puppy
  • Equipment/diet
  • Crate Training/sleeping pattern/toileting
  • Basic puppy foundation training

These sessions are £60 for a 1hr zoom consultation.

To book a session please email/call

Puppy Training

Puppy 1:1 Sessions

These are a 1hr, face to face training session with one of our trainers at our training school in Wilmslow. The session is completely tailored to your training needs and any issues that you may be having whether these be basic obedience training, jumping up, mouthing, lead training or recall, we have vast experience with all these issues and can help you and your puppy train together.

These sessions are £60 per hour.

To book a session please email/call

Puppy Training courses

Puppy Training Course

Puppy Course – 6 week course

On our puppy courses, the owners will learn about:

  • How to teach and enforce the command ‘leave’
  • Appropriate play
  • Walking to heel
  • Teaching a solid ‘stay’
  • Recall

The first session is taught via zoom, during this session we will set the scene for all your ‘in-house basics’ and how we will teach you to get good control of your puppy using our 5 stage foundation program. The remaining 5 weeks of the course are held outside at our training school in Wilmslow. However any weeks where the weather is so bad that we can’t hold them outside, we let people know via the WhatsApp group that you will be added to before the course starts. We also use the WhatsApp group as a question and answer forum during your time on the course.

During the outdoor sessions, dogs must wear a collar and lead. We don’t recommend harnesses for teaching correct lead behaviour. However if you have a specific reason or health issue they may be brought on a harness. No extendable Leads are allowed. People will also be required to wear appropriate footwear (as it may be wet underfoot) and its strictly one handler per dog. Spectators must be at a distance whereby it doesn’t distract the dog. You need to bring toys and treats along with you. Refunds cannot be given within a week of the course. Dogs must not be booked in for neutering during the training course (we will advise people on the right timeframes for this during the course). Handlers must be over 16. dogs must be under 6 months old.

The six week course is £120.

These courses can be booked online via the link below

Puppy Training

Puppy Home Advisory Sessions (price is dependant on location)

These are 1hr home advisory sessions that help you and your puppy in your home environment. These sessions are not only helpful when your puppy is not yet fully vaccinated and so cannot leave the house but also to help clients with the basics and correct training in the home environment during these early formative stages. For example, they can help with:

  • Issues with crate training/toileting/sleep patterns
  • Avoiding separation issues/layout of house
  • The importance of downtime
  • Greeting visitors

These sessions are £85 per hour.

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You can contact the office either by phone/text, by email or by completing our online enquiry form where a member of the team will be happy to help. We are happy to discuss with you your dog’s needs and will give the best advice and guidance to get you and your dog the correct behavioural help and training.

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