So this month has been a pretty hectic month for me. I started trialling one of my dogs, and suddenly realised that there were elements in his training that were simply not good enough. An error on my part of course, and no reflection on the dog, but it is sometimes easy to miss things when you train on your own a lot as i do. I was in such a rush to get competing i missed a couple of steps out. These were quickly exposed in the high standards of spaniel trials and we found ourselves off for an early bath.


Always good to be grounded again, (Although i didn’t see it that way at the time)  anyway, i now have changed my day to ay training any gone back to basics with the area of training that he was weak on and it seems to be paying off. Il maybe enter another in January if i feel he’s ready to win. There are so many elements to a spaniel trial that makes it incredibly difficult it really shows how much work the trainer has put in. Also the dog has to have natural ability. You can have the best trained dog in the world, but if it hasn’t got the natural attributes the breed should have as a working dog, it will get overlooked. I think this s a great way to keep any breed moving forwards in line with what it was bred to do.


We have also welcomed into our lives Minnie our little French puppy. She was a tenth birthday present for Evie my little girl, But the whole family love her to bits. She is proving quite challenging to house train, as can be common with the breed. I switched her onto natural instinct raw food after a week as her motions were sloppy. All my dogs are on this, and it has made a huge difference already to the consistency and lowered it put as well.i really cat recommend it highly enough. I will keep you updated on her progress as we go on, and I’m hoping to add training videos to my you tube channel and social media, so do stay in touch with me on there.


Not long till xmas………..


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